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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

The podcast feed from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Authors with new books. Experts on editing, marketing, agent queries, managing your writing career. Traditional publishing. Independent publishing. All aspects of writing fiction. 

Jan 21, 2022

Award-winning author Michele Packard comes from a military family and worked tirelessly as a cable tv executive before staying at home to raise her three children. She has written both fiction and non-fiction, using her experiences and sharp wit to share stories with others. When not writing, she is a frequent traveler...

Jan 7, 2022

Nancy Houser-Bluhm has lived in the foothills west of Denver for over 20 years with her husband and miscellaneous pets. She hails from Michigan but always had a longing for the mountains after growing up watching Bonanza.

Authentic communication with herself and others has been an ultimate life quest.  Nancy has had...