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Aug 18, 2017

Two years ago, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers started a new tradition of recognizing Honored Guiding Members, those individuals who have significantly contributed to the success of the organization over the years. Honorees are selected for their talent and abilities, as well as the leadership they've shown.

This year, it’s Alice Kober.

Alice Kober has been a member of RMFW for over 20 years.

She has volunteered for numerous jobs, including Conference Chair and RMFW President. She was given the Jasmine Award in 2005 to honor the long-term service of individuals to the organization.

On the podcast, Alice reflects on her early years with RMFW and also give us a sneak peek about the workshop she’ll be giving at this year’s conference, about the importance of book covers.

Alice should know. She currently works for the Arapahoe Library District, where she buys both print and e-book fiction for one of the best library districts around.

Local writers please note – Alice particularly loves buying books by Colorado authors.

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