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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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Jun 5, 2021

This time on the Rocky Mountain Writer podcast, all about the 2021 edition of the Colorado Gold Writing Conference coming up in October -- October 15 through 17 to be precise.

The guests are co-chairs Mira Landry and Kate Jonuska and we cover keynote speakers, agents, a new virtual component, agent pitches, a new bookstore partnership, types of workshops that will be offered and much, much more.

Mira Landry is a writer working on literary and upmarket women’s fiction, her most recent being a non-fantasy Alice in Wonderland retelling for adults about a stifled artist and her absurd weekend of real-life characters.

When not writing, Mira works as a portrait photographer telling people’s stories through images, and enjoys any activity that involves being in the mountains, on the water, or in the kitchen.

Born and raised in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, she now lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband.

Kate Jonuska is an indie author, freelance writer and yoga teacher as well as the current Vice President of the RMFW Board.

Her debut novel (Transference) was a finalist for the 2017 BookLife Prize, and the second edition of her Dictionary of Fiction Critique published in 2020.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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