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Jun 25, 2019

Claire L. Fishback, who enjoys scaring readers more than a little, is having a busy year. In March, she released LUMP: A Collection of Short Stories, some 51 tales in all. Among those is “Remembra,” the story she published as part of the RMFW short story anthology FOUND.

And this month she is releasing The Blood of Seven, a novel that has been in the making for eleven long years.

As she recounts on the podcast, all this started in sixth grade, when Claire wrote scary stories to defy a teacher she didn’t like, yet that teacher told her to keep writing.

In the Blood of Seven, Detective Ann Logan sees a shimmering vision of a young girl. She tries to dismiss it as a trick of mountain light, but she can’t dismiss the arcane symbol that rose like a brand on her chest and burns with life when the vision becomes reality. Then townspeople begin to disappear, and Ann’s investigation plunges her into an eternal war between two secret societies -- one serving the malevolent designs of a mysterious deity and the other trying to keep them at bay.

Do not let the blond hair and blue eyes fool you into thinking she might be a romance writer. Claire L. Fishback loves the “shock value” of a good tale of horror or suspense.

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