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Nov 21, 2018

Dacia Arnold’s first novel, a science fiction entry called Apparent Power, launches next month.

It’s the first in a trilogy and it has already received a knock-out advance review from Kirkus, which called the book’s main character, Valerie Russell, "an exceptional protagonist."

In Apparent Power, a dormant gene awakens in a quarter of the world’s population and the effects are apocalyptic. With an even rarer gene, the life of Valerie Russell turns into a shocking race against time.

When the human body begins to require more electricity than needed to keep a heart beating, cars lose power, phones no longer function, and planes fall from the sky.

To say Dacia is an author and a mother would only be scratching the surface. She is an avid karaoke singer, master crafter and she is also a ten-year Army veteran who served two tours of combat as a medic, including fifteen months working in Baghdad Emergency room.

On the podcast, Dacia talks about what inspired the story and her plans for the next two installments.

Note: After the conversation with Dacia, this podcast includes a special excerpt from Reactance, a novella that’s connected to the main story in Apparent Power.

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