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Dec 13, 2018

David R Slayton grew up, as he puts, in a town where Norman Rockwell meets the Twilight Zone.

That town was Guthrie, Oklahoma—and it’s place where David said finding fantasy novels was challenging and finding fantasy novels with diverse characters was downright impossible.

So what else to do but write your own? The first attempt ran to 200,000 words. It was a bit unwieldy. 

Years later, David found himself in Denver and even later found Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Now, David’s debut young adult fantasy, Ghost Dragon, will be published in January 2020 by Harmony Ink Press.

On the podcast, David walks us through the long journey to publication, describes what he means about writing stories set in worlds without prejudice, and gives us the lowdown on a very cool charity project he runs every year around Halloween called Trick or Read.

In addition to writing, David Slayton has taught workshops and appeared on panels at Denver Comic Con, the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, and the League of Utah Writers Quills Conference.

By day he’s a software implementation consultant.

David R Slayton's website

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