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Mar 14, 2019

If there has ever been a reason to declare "Breaking News" around Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, this might be it.

For more than 20 years now, editor Otto Penzler has been publishing a volume called the Best American Mystery Stories. As part of that process, he reads some 500 short stories and passes along the best 50 to a guest editor. That guest editor then chooses the top 20 to be published.

This year, the guest editor is Jonathan Lethem and out of the 20 stories to be published two were selected from RMFW’s "False Faces" short story anthology, which came out last year.

The two writers are Anne Macdonald (“That Donnelly Crowd") and Suzanne Proulx ("If You Say So"). 

On the podcast, we chat with False Faces editors Angie Hodapp and Warren Hammond and then with each of the two writers—whose work will go national later this year. 

As if that’s not enough great news for False Faces, the anthology was also named this week as a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards. Yes, more Breaking News.

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