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Feb 2, 2018

On Saturday February 17, Jason Evans is leading RMFW’s free monthly workshop and if you have trouble developing and writing your bad guy, this session might be just what you need.

The program is about writing memorable villains and on the podcast we’ve got Jason Evans here for a preview of what he’s going to cover—and exactly how he’ll inspire you to get it right.

Your villain, Jason says, needs to be a “fun house mirror” version of your hero and “great villainy” grows from true pain.

Jason Evans always wanted to be a writer, he just didn’t know it. He grew up in Southern California and taught high school social studies after college until he got married and moved to Denver in 2004.

Jason continued in education until he realized his heart was in fiction. Since 2012 Jason has had several short stories published, ran an online magazine, and became a regular panelist at local conventions. He blogs regularly on his own website and Writers from the Peak, in addition to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

This Spring the WhimsyCon Anthology will be published, giving Jason his first credit as an editor. Jason earned a masters in history in 2012 and, as you’ll find out on the podcast, also has a bit of major news about his publishing career that was announced just this week.

Jason Evans' website.

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