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Jan 20, 2019

LS Hawker’s new novel, publishing on January 22 and due for a major launch event on January 26, was a long time coming.

In fact, it started out as a short story and then was developed into a full-length novel – her first – and subsequently tucked away in a drawer. 

Since that first book, Lisa Hawker’s writing career has produced three major standalone thrillers that have been translated into eight languages and put her on the USA Today list of bestsellers.

But that first novel still scratched a certain itch and Lisa finally went back to it recently and, well, here we are on the eve of the launch of The Throwaways and Kirkus Reviews has already chimed in with a rave review.

In addition to the new title, LS Hawker is the author of the thrillers The Drowning Game, Body and Bone, and End of the Road.

Visit her website to view book trailers, listen to her podcast with daughter Chloe, The Lively Grind Cafe, and read about her adventures as a cocktail waitress, traveling Kmart portrait photographer, and witness to basement exorcisms.

LS Hawker's website

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