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Sep 20, 2019

Marc Graham is in the middle of a busy book-launching year. Last Spring, Graham’s second novel Song of Songs, a novel about the Queen of Sheba, was published by Blank Slate Press and in a few short weeks Graham takes us to the age of the Visigoths with Son of the Sea, Daughter of the Sun, also from Blank Slate Press.

Kirkus Reviews called Song of Songs “ingeniously conjured” and Foreward Reviews has already praised Son of the Sea for its “stunning” world building and its “epic” scope.

On the podcast, Graham talks about the sparks for his historical fiction and what drew him to these very different stories and very different cultures. He also discusses the delicate business of straying from historical fact in order to make the narrative work. And if you’re having trouble staying motivated with your daily progress with writing, Graham’s insights on habits and routines might be just the thing you need.

Marc Graham has been a storyteller most of his life, beginning with music and theatre in his early years—and moving on to what he calls “really atrocious” attempts at science fiction in his early teens.

In addition to the novels being published this year, Marc Graham is also the author of the Civil War-era Of Ashes and Dust, published in 2017, and he’s working on a non-fiction book on writing, Runes for Writers, due early in 2020.

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