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Feb 9, 2018

In the words of Pamela Nowak, there are “tough decisions” ahead.

That’s because she and her committee will receive three times as many proposals for workshops at Colorado Gold than she has room to book.

Yes, planning for the 2018 edition of September’s Colorado Gold conference is well underway and that includes determining the topics and presenters for the 70 or so hours of programming that is being selected and organized.

On the podcast, Pam takes us behind the scenes of the process and offers some tips and suggestions how you might put yourself in a good position to be given a slot. You may have a “cute idea,” as she puts it, but you’ll need to give that proposal some real meat.

Pam Nowak, who is co-chairing the 2018 conference with Suzie Brooks, is a former and longtime chair of the conference herself and she is also a past president of RMFW.

And, as you’ll hear, she’s also a dedicated and award-winning writer and she is currently working in a new genre, as you will hear.

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