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May 14, 2018

Brian M. Taylor is a 41-year-old writer who lives outside of Denver. As he puts it in his official bio, Brian has spent his life learning new skills in order to tell better stories.

Brian’s first novel was released in 2016 and today he has three novels under his belt with many more to come.

Brian writes science fiction and fantasy and the over-arching title for his series is 12 Blackened Petals. In Brian’s own words, it’s a “large, epic story.”

What’s unique about Brian’s work is that in addition to the books, he also produces the stories as audio books and podcasts—complete with dramatic, high-quality sound effects.

All this from a guy who started out as an artist and thought, if anything, that the story would be a graphic novel. Turns it, it’s a book and, in fact, a series.

On the podcast, Brian talks about his books and the work that goes into producing them in this multi-faceted manner. 

Stay tuned after the interview for a sample of the audio version of 12 Blackened Petals.

Brian's website

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