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Mar 25, 2019

Charles McNamara says the idea for his first novel had been percolating in his mind since the 1980’s. That book, Ineke’s Mitten is the story of Nels Torkle, the Nazi occupation of his Norwegian hometown, and the famous assault on Riva Ridge in World War II.

Now, Charlie is getting ready to release his second novel, Fiddler’s Lament, later this year.

On the podcast, Charlie talks about that initial idea that sparked Ineke’s Mitten, how he researched so many far-flung settings, and about the value of bringing his work to an RMFW critique group. 

After four years in the Army, Charlie McNamara went to work in the publishing industry, first as a journalist, then marketing copywriter and later as a publisher.

He was the publisher of Vail/Beaver Creek Magazine and owned the Mountain Commuter, a monthly news magazine serving the residents of Evergreen, Colorado.

In 2012, Charlie started an online interview magazine called Tributary. In 2014, he published a book of those interviews entitled Shining Light, Revealing Conversations with Dedicated People.

Charles McNamara's website

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