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Nov 25, 2019

Dan Grant is the bestselling thriller writer of The Singularity Witness and, more recently, Thirteen Across. He loves intriguing tales that weave science, medicine, technology, or history into the fabric of the drama.

Dan is a licensed professional engineer with degrees from Northern Arizona University: a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and masters in English with an emphasis in creative writing. His engineering work has provided opportunities to work with a variety of medical and technological applications. As a storyteller, he strives to make learning about science/medicine/tech fun—playing on conspiracies—and writing thrillers is a great way to do that.

Thirteen Across received Distinguished Favorite recognition from the New York City Big Book Awards. “Sizzles with revelations, double crossings, and seemingly shifting alliances,” said Kirkus Reviews and “unreservedly recommended” said Midwest Book Review.

Dan lives in Colorado and is working on his next science/medical thriller The Singularity Transfer.

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