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Jul 19, 2018

Kerry Anne King’s Whisper Me This officially launches on August 1 but it’s already being reviewed on Amazon and is ranked way up there among all top fiction – in fact, when we recorded this interview, ranked at number 12.

That is one of the advantages of being a Lake Union author and, in this case, an author who receives the Reader’s First Pick promotion that sends your title out to the vast Amazon audience.

So Kerry Anne King is certainly having a moment and that means that Kerry Schafer is also having a moment because both writers are the same person—the Whisper Me This writer produces more straightforward women’s fiction, three titles to date, while Kerry Schafer is known for fantasy with about nine novels to date.

In either form, Kerry is prolific, imaginative and relentlessly upbeat.

Kerry spends her days working as a registered nurse. She spins her tales early in the morning and in the evenings after work. She believes passionately in the idea of the "whole self" and is ever in pursuit of balancing mind, body, and spirit.

In fact, on the podcast, Kerry fills us in on a new project she’s started called Creative Wellness Retreats and those retreats start next year on Whidbey Island north of Seattle.

Kerry Anne King

Creative Wellness Retreats

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