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Oct 21, 2019

Laurence MacNaughton is back with the fourth installment in his urban fantasy series what one reviewer called “demon fueled romantic comedies.”

The latest Dru Jasper novel is called Forever and A Doomsday and it just launched this month, the latest entry in a series that began with It Happened One Doomsday and continued with A Kiss Before Doomsday, and No Sleep ‘Til Doomsday.

In Forever and a Doomsday. insidious spirits from beyond the grave try to get their clutches on the apocalypse scroll and Dru Jasper and her misfit friends are the only hope for stopping doomsday. Crystal shop owner and up-and-coming sorceress Dru Jasper is the unwilling guardian of the apocalypse scroll, an ancient instrument of destruction held in check by the last of seven wax seals. If the forces of darkness manage to break the final seal, the world will come to a fiery end. It's up to Dru to keep the scroll safe. No pressure or anything.

On the podcast, Laurence talks about the inspirations for his cast of characters, including the memorable muscle car known as Hellbringer, and talks about the process of having a plan for your novel while being open to new ideas as you begin to write.

Laurence talks about—well, avoids talking about—an unrelated secret project he recently completed—and how he managed juggling both.

But, wait there’s more – this podcast also includes Laurence reading the first few pages of Forever and a Doomsday.

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