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Oct 29, 2018

Futhark, the Runic aplphabet, is a key component in Marc Graham's process known as Runes for Writers.

The ancient system helps storytellers more easily access the realm of ideas, the world of the Muses, the Source of Story. By integrating left- and right-brain activity, Marc’s process seeks to open your awareness to the subconscious levels where true creativity takes place.

On the podcast, Marc gives us an overview of the process. Note: it’s for anyone who needs a creative boost to their imagination and who may be all the way stuck or completely stuck. The system is useful for a variety of needs: providing quick character sketches, aiding in character development, troubleshooting specific scenes, and even outlining your story from beginning to end

Marc also brings us to date with his book-related news—and it’s all upbeat.

Marc Graham published Of Ashes and Dust last year following years of work, writing and rewriting. Now, he’s got one book slated for release next more and several more projects in the cue and raring to go. As Marc says, giving up has never been an option. 

Marc Graham's website

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