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Apr 1, 2022

Ralph Beckett is a science fiction author who publishes under the pen name R. C. Beckett. He was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico, home of the National Lab that invented the atomic bomb. As a teenager, a friend’s father gave him a huge collection of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, thus started his love of the SciFi genre. 

After a career in health care, he started his medical blog, Quality Health Care Please and began to write science fiction novels and started a website consulting business. 

He has self-published two books, Exit Earth and Exit Mars. 

He was the editor of Second Law, a SciFi anthology, released in December 2021 by the RMFW Speculative Fiction Critique Group. And he has contributed short stories to all three of the group’s books, including First Encounters and Joy to the Worlds. 

On the podcast, Ralph talks about his experience as an editor of Second Law and the unique approach to publishing that Spec Fic Writers has followed. 

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