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Feb 3, 2019

Sandra Murphy says she has one goal when she’s recording an audio book - to tell the truth of what her authors have written.

In fact, Sandra brings many years of acting experience to her production process. It's an acting career that began at the ripe old age of two with a fairly dramatic moment.

Sandra is well versed in everything from managing companies of actors, overseeing budgets, organizing logistics, to being responsible for scores of people traversing the globe.

Sandra has found her true home as the Voice Mama™, expressing her creativity through voice over and audiobook narration.

Whether it’s a non-fiction title, challenging business women to
lead with power and confidence, or a murder mystery, leading the sleuth on the path to discover the killer, Sandra’s compelling narration fully envelopes the listener in the story.

On her time off, Sandra loves to spend time with her husband and daughters which often includes cooking amazing food, laughing hysterically, and dancing in the kitchen.

On those occasions when all production deadlines are met and her family well fed, you will find her just relaxing in the backyard on her hammock, book in hand.

Following the interview, the podcast includes a sample of Sandra’s work – a clip from Shawn McGuire’s Original Secrets.

Sandra's website

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