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Jun 6, 2019

What do stalkers, erotica, and the Russian mob have in common? That’s right--today’s interview with Stephanie Reisner. Aside from the flashy stuff, we also talk about the nuts and bolts of making a living as a writer, and how Stephanie manages her various pen names.

Stephanie Reisner makes her living as a full-time writer and publisher and is published both traditionally and independently. With four pen names, she has over and 30 nonfiction books and 18 published novels in various genres to her credit. She also runs Darkerwood Publishing Group, a micro-press that publishes six additional authors under two successful imprints, DB
Publishing (non-fiction) and Midnight Fantasy Press (erotic romance fiction).

Stephanie has been a member of RMFW since the early 1990s. She is both a PAL and an IPAL member and was an IWOTY Finalist in 2017 and has again been nominated in 2019.

Beyond her writing life, Stephanie is an acclaimed esoteric teacher, a plant wrangler, and a cat herder. She enjoys super-hero movies, collecting edged weapons, reading graphic novels, watching horror films, hiking, and yoga. She lives along the front range with her husband and three pampered house cats.

Stephanie's website.

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