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Oct 28, 2019

Teresa Funke embodies the modern artist/entrepreneur. She is the owner of Teresa Funke & Company, Victory House Press, and Bursts of Brilliance. She is the award-winning author of seven novels for adults and children based on true stories from WWII, and the author of the brand new book, Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life—the subject of this podcast.

Teresa has 28 years of experience as an entrepreneur and community catalyst. Her innovative programs and boundary-pushing talks challenge her audiences to change their view of how life and business should be led.

Visit Teresa's You Tube channel to watch her popular writing videos or to check out her playlist, "Great Ideas Giveaway," in which Teresa shares business ideas for artists and creatives that they can take and use in their own models.

Teresa also served as co-host for the World Positive Thinkers on-line radio show and the on-screen host of the video series, The Write Series.

Teresa believes strongly in supporting local and national non-profits devoted to supporting youth, education, and the arts.

Teresa's website

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