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Jul 23, 2018

Warren Hammond is never lost in space.

In fact, he’s quite at home away from planet Earth

His KOP trilogy was set on a planet called Lagarto and his standalone, The Tides of Maritinia was set on, you guessed it, a planet called Maritinia.

This time around, Hammond’s sci-fi storytelling shifts to Mars and features a female detective named Denver Moon.

The opening entry in the series, co-written by Josh Viola, is Denver Moon: The Mind of Mars and it just came out this summer.

On the podcast, Hammond talks about the process of collaborating with another writer, discusses his love for atmosphere in storytelling, and catches us up on on the new RMFW short story anthology, coming out in September. 

Warren Hammond is the author of four science fiction novels, many short stories, and a graphic novel. His 2012 novel, KOP Killer, won the Colorado Book Award for best mystery.

Warren is also chief intoxicologist and co-host of the popular Critiki Party podcast.

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