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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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Nov 25, 2020

Pitch Fest is coming.

Repeat: Pitch Fest is coming.

Saturday, Jan. 30!

A key registration date for RMFW member is coming up next week -- on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

On the podcast this time, we've got the organizers of Pitch Fest with all the critical details.

Anne Marie is the Denver Programs Chair for RMFW. She grew up in Aurora, CO. She attended the University of Colorado for a BA in English Literature, where she fell in love with folklore and myths from around the world.

She adores languages, great white sharks, and the impossible. Her work usually includes two of those three things. She edited for 3 years with a small press and currently reads slush for a local agent.

Kevin Wolf is chair of Colorado Gold conference for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. He is the author of The Homeplace, Brokeheart, and A Town Called Vengeance, among others. Kevin is the great-grandson of Colorado homesteaders.

He enjoys fly fishing, old Winchesters and 1950s Western movies.

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