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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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May 28, 2017

What makes a story horror?

If you ask Shannon Lawrence that basic question, be prepared for some thoughtful analysis.

The genre, she will tell you, extends beyond jump scares and slashers.

Shannon recaps the recent free workshop she gave for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in Denver and explores one her favorite topics – the world of writing horror. Spoiler alert—it doesn’t always or necessarily involve gore or extreme violence.

Shannon also offers some tips about finding short story markets and how to keep track of where your stories you have submitted.

A fan of all things fantastical and frightening, Shannon Lawrence writes primarily horror and fantasy.

Her stories can be found in anthologies and magazines, including Once Upon a Scream, Dark Moon Digest, and The Deep Dark Woods.

When she's not writing, she's hiking through the wilds of Colorado and photographing her magnificent surroundings, where, coincidentally, there's always a place to hide a body or birth a monster.

Find Shannon Lawrence at her website.

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