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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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Oct 19, 2021

This time on the podcast, the Writer of the Year speech by Sue Hinkin and the Independent Writer of the Year speech by Andre Gonzalez — both delivered at last weekend’s Colorado Gold conference in Denver.  First up is Sue Hinkin and at the beginning she references the news that PAL, the Published Authors League and IPAL, the Independent Published Authors League, will merge into one group to be known as Published Authors Alliance and to be led by the aforementioned Andre Gonzalez.  Apologies for the clanking dishes and glasses but there’s not much you can do about that background noise at a banquet.  And thanks to all the organizers of Colorado Gold, who put on a terrific weekend of workshops, networking, awards, keynote addresses, and much much more.

Intro Music by Moby Gratis:

Outro Music by Dan-o-Songs: