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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

The podcast feed from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Authors with new books. Experts on editing, marketing, agent queries, managing your writing career. Traditional publishing. Independent publishing. All aspects of writing fiction. 

Nov 20, 2015

Linda Joffe Hull is the guest on this episode. Linda is the author of two standalone novels, The Big Bang (Tyrus Books) and Frog Kisses (Literary Wanderlust). She has also written three books in the Mrs. Frugalicious Mystery series, published by Midnight Ink. That series features bargain hunter and sleuth,...

Nov 12, 2015

Angie Hodapp is the guest this week, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the Nelson Literary Agency.

Angie Hodapp holds a bachelor's degree in English and secondary education and a master's in English and communication development. She is a graduate of the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver and has...

Nov 4, 2015

The guest on this episode of Rocky Mountain Writer is author, performance artist and educator Margo Christie. Margo is on a mission to blur the lines between high- and low-brow art. Her debut novel, "THESE DAYS, A Tale of Nostalgia on a Burlesque Strip," won a second prize in Amazon's 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award...