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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

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Dec 11, 2016

The Rocky Mountain Writer debuts a brand new feature – Writer’s Rehab with Natasha Watts.

In this occasional segment about the craft of writing fiction, Natasha offers brief tips and strategies for braking bad habits.

First up are some ideas for writers who aren’t hitting the necessary word counts in their first draft.

Following Natasha, an interview with the man behind Hex Publishers, Josh Viola.

Last month, Hex Publishers debuted its latest short story anthology, Cyber World.

Josh talks about the overall Hex Publishers approach to books—both the care and editing that goes into putting the stories together but also the planning and detail that goes into the artwork, packaging and extensive marketing campaigns.

He also reveals what’s ahead on the Hex calendar for 2017 and beyond, including some stand-alone novels, a comic book, another short story compilation and a new line of books for children.

Hex Publishers

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