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Jun 15, 2018

Fresh off the publication of her highly-praised first novel Transference last year, Kate Jonuska turned around right this year with release of a book she wishes was available before she first started writing.

It’s a dictionary.

More specifically, The Dictionary of Fiction Critique: How to read like a writer in order to give and receive constructive critique.

The idea was borne as Kate shuttled between two critique groups, sharing concepts and ideas and terminology that helped her learn the essentials of writing fiction.

Part A-Z dictionary and part writing crash course, the Dictionary of Fiction Critique is your survival guide of the wild, wacky world of the fiction critique group. The dictionary attempts to demystify the creation of story, explains how to read like a writer, and gives you the language with which to discuss your craft with peers, including terms like head hopping, omniscience, genre dissonance, reality violation, info dump, talking heads and yes, more cowbell.

Kate Jonuska is a Colorado native with a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Denver. She has since wracked up a decade of experience writing features for top-notch regional publications, including the Denver Post, the Boulder Daily Camera, The Colorado Springs Gazette and Boulder Magazine, specializing in food, fitness, travel, and arts and entertainment.

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