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Jun 9, 2019

And now for something completely different. And funny.

Feeling a little down? Feeling a little blue or stressed out?

This interview with Rebecca Rowley just might cure a few ills.

Rebecca is here with her new book, How To Be Funny and Make People Fat, a cozy comedy memoir featuring recipes and vignettes about how one humorist's mother influenced her comedic, culinary, and life skills in and out of the kitchen.

She’s also here to preview her new anthology of stories, due out later this month – The 27-Hour Day.

Rebecca "R.J." Rowley is a joker of all trades who captures life’s absurdities on the page and keeps them there until the proper authorities arrive. A Colorado native, she is the author of cozy-comedy memoirs, humorous fiction, and satirical guides to life.

Outside of her library of books, other publications include satirical articles, short works of fiction, and random acts of poetry.

Intro music by Moby

Outro by Dan-o-Songs